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Our market-leading technology and proprietary insights have made us one of the top-performing asset managers in the sector.

We are a data-driven asset manager specializing in private credit financing solutions for the cannabis sector. Our team focuses on cannabis-use properties and leverages our first-mover advantage.

Equipped with real-time market data, a deep network, and a stellar reputation, our underwriters execute exclusive deals with conviction.

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$50M secured bond rating by Egan-Jones Rating Company


Company rating by Egan-Jones Rating Company


Total number of funded loans


*As of 05/31/23

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The cannabis real estate market is established and continues to grow – it deserves an approach that reflects its nuance and sophistication. This is why we created our fact-based method, supported and informed by our proprietary data insights.

Time and time again we have extended the boundaries of possibility

Time and time again we have extended the boundaries of possibility


  • First dedicated cannabis lender


  • First $100M privately held cannabis real estate dedicated lending investment vehicle


  • Our technology and data breakthrough
  • First private mREIT
  • First to obtain a 4.75% warehouse line of credit from an FDIC insured bank


  • First cannabis mortgage REIT to obtain an investment-grade rating
  • First to close $50M bond offering with institutional investors
  • First to upsize to $1B equity offering


  • First secured bond by cannabis-affiliated issuer to receive an ‘A’ by Egan-Jones Rating Company
  • First to securitize portfolio
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